IVC Elixir Credit Fund ICAV

Elixir Credit Fund is an Irish authorised Alternative Investment Fund. The returns of the fund are linked to a portfolio of loans generated from online lending. The loans are small in size, short in duration and spread over a large number of customers.

The fund targets returns of >30% per annum over a 2-year period including 10% per annum preferential return paid out in the form of a coupon. The returns have a Sharpe Ratio of >2.5 and it offers quarterly liquidity.

The fund charges no Fixed Management Fees nor any Performance Fees and the whole fund is structured around sharing of profits generated from online lending between the fund investors and the Fintech platform.

The Fintech platform offers a fully developed IT infrastructure, an experienced management team and commenced trading in 2017.


IVC Ascent Fund

Our flagship to date has been the IVC Ascent Fund, a multi-strategy fund-of-funds launched in 2001.  IVC Ascent ranks in the top percentile for the multi-strategy sector, delivering steady returns with exceptionally low drawdowns for more than a decade.  The fund even delivered a positive return in 2008, when other multi-strategy funds were typically down 20% or more.


IVC High Frequency Trading (HFT)

IVC was one of the earliest developers and traders of HFT strategy in Equities. It started developing algorithms relating to the strategy as well as developing its high-performance trading platform in 2002 and implemented it in 2003. The strategy was implemented in equity markets in Europe, US, Canada, Australia and Japan. At the peak of its activity, IVC was trading multiple billions of dollars of equities per day. The strategy generated high returns with high Sharpe ratio with only 2 down months and a maximum drawdown of 0.20% over an eleven-year period. The strategy was closed after all arbitrage opportunities had been exhausted.


Insurance Products

IVC has historically provided its funds as unit-linked life policies and linked to other insurance products.